Farwell and good luck to Blade 4, Mark Cutmore

11th December 2017

It is with heavy hearts, that The Blades are saying a fond farewell to Mark Cutmore – our second longest serving pilot. ‘Cutty’ completed ten display seasons with The Blades, accumulating over 2,000 hours in the Extra 300, making him one of the most experienced pilots of this aircraft type in the world. He led The Blades as Blade 1 for five years and in his last year enjoyed displaying as Blade 4, performing the coveted solo routine.
Cutty joined The Blades in 2008 after having an extremely successful career in the RAF, which included three years on the Royal Air Force Aerobatics Team (The Red Arrows) and flying The Jaguar, both in active duty and in a display capacity.

Let’s hear from the man himself, outlining his top 10 highlights during his Blades career:

1. Flying next to the Vulcan
2. Photoshoot over the 5 Aston Martins at the end of the handover day
3. Becoming leader of the Blades
4. Displaying at Dartmouth (home town and fantastic venue) for 3 years running in beautiful weather
5. Flying next to the 727 (which was spraying water) at Farnborough
6. Taking part in the Inaugural Formation Aerobatics Competition in China
7. Riding pillion with Ron Haslam around Silverstone as part of job swap with Samsung Honda BSB team
8. Taking my kids flying when they were 12 & 13 years of age
9. Flying Buzz Aldrin
10. Flying James Cordon in ‘Top Gun’ Mirror formation (only time it’s been done I think) with Andy & Jack

Cutty’s adaptability, professionalism and charisma are second to none and the team will appreciate his support from afar as 2018 is shaping up to be an incredibly exciting year. New pilots will be joining The Blades aerobatic team and the fleet will be expanding to incorporate a Red Bull Air Race team to compete for the World Championship title.

Such a valued, experienced and positive member of the team will always be missed, but please join us in wishing Cutty the best of luck in his future endeavours.

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