The Blades Racing Team


Ben Murphy

Ben Murphy, former leader of the aerobatic team, will leap into a customised high performance racer and represent The Blades on the international stage

Signifying the ‘Best of British’, Ben will be the only GB competitor taking on 13 of the Worlds elite pilots in an 8 race campaign for the World Championship Title

Racing just 25 metres from the ground at 370km/h, enduring up to 10g… only the best of the best are given the highly coveted ‘International Super Licence’ to race

Red Bull has positioned air racing as a main stream racing series, taking motorsport sky-bound into the freedom of three dimensions



Ben’s Flight Path



The Plane



TOP SPEED            424 km/h (265 mph)

WING SPAN          7.42 m

ROLL RATE             420 degrees/s

MAX G                     +14 G/ -14G

WEIGHT                  531 kg

CYLINDERS            6

POWERPLANT     1 x modified Lycoming AEIO-540, 3 blade, (340hp)

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