The 2018 Team

Now entering their 13th display season, and with over 25,000 hours of flying between them, the pilots of the world-renowned Blades Aerobatic Team are amongst the most experienced display pilots in the world.

Andy Evans

Blade 1

James McMillan

Blade 2

Kirsty Murphy

Blade 3

Ben Murphy

Blade 4

Gerald Cooper

Blade 4

Chris Norton OBE

Blades Pilot

Andy Offer OBE

Blades Pilot

Ground Support Team

Phil Aiken

Head of Sales & Marketing

Hannah Jones

Communications Manager & Display Commentator

Annie Stone

Communications & Events Officer

Josephine Ashpole

Communications & Events Coordinator

Rebecca Allen

Team Manager

The team of first-class hostesses



We pride ourselves on providing first-class customer care. At each event, we have a team of first-class and upper-class air hostesses from Virgin Atlantic and British Airways to ensure our guests have a first-class experience.

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