The Blades fly Extra EA-300s. They are low-wing, high performance aircraft designed for the most adventurous aerobatic manoeuvres and created with advanced aerobatic flying in mind. A competitive aerobatic display pilot during the 1980's, Walter Extra decided to design and build the ultimate aerobatic aeroplane, with optimum structure, weight and performance and the forerunner of today's aircraft was born. 

Since it was first produced, the Extra has undergone many modifications and the current design utilises the most advanced materials and construction techniques to provide an extremely light-weight and agile aeroplane that is certified to +/-10g. 

The Blades operate the Extra 300LP and the latest variant, the Extra 330SC. With a more powerful engine, the 330SC gives Blade 4 more performance for his solo routines. 

Here are some 'Extra' facts:

Wing span: 8.0m
Length: 6.96m
Never exceed speed: 220kts
Manoeuvering speed: 158kts
Empty weight: 685kg
Engine type: 300 HP Lycoming AE10-540 / Lycoming AE10-580
Propellor type: 3-bladed MTV-9
Range: 350nm
Seats: 2

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In addition to flying at air shows and public events, The Blades are the only aerobatic display team in the world that also operates as an airline, flying awe-inspiring air displays and providing a powerful platform for unique aerobatic flights, corporate days, flying events and flying experiences.

Whether providing a celebratory air display, delivering bespoke corporate events, providing a unique conference venue or hosting a stunning summer ball, The Blades are unparalleled in their capabilities, the heart of which is taking passengers on aerobatic flights.

For more information on the  Display Team, flying experiences or corporate flying days, or to find out what The Blades can do for you, contact Phil Aiken or telephone 01604 671 309.