About The Blades Aerobatic Display Team

The Blades are a full-time civilian aerobatic display team based in the UK. Made up entirely of former RAF Red Arrows pilots, The Blades are renowned worldwide for flying close formation aerobatics to the highest level within a dynamic and cutting edge air display. The Blades currently hold a world record in formation looping.

Here you can find out more about the people, the aircraft, the display and the partnerships that make The Blades a unique display team.

The Blades Aerobatic Team

The Blades Extra 300

The Display



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In addition to flying at air shows and public events, The Blades are the only aerobatic display team in the world that also operates as an airline, flying awe-inspiring air displays and providing a powerful platform for unique aerobatic flights, corporate days, flying events and flying experiences.

Whether providing a celebratory air display, delivering bespoke corporate events, providing a unique conference venue or hosting a stunning summer ball, The Blades are unparalleled in their capabilities, the heart of which is taking passengers on aerobatic flights.

For more information on the  Display Team, flying experiences or corporate flying days, or to find out what The Blades can do for you, contact Phil Aiken or telephone 01604 671 309.