5 Steps to Assembling our Red Bull Air Race Plane

1st February 2019

The Blades Racing Team are entering their second season in the Red Bull Air Race Master Class this year, aiming to better their unprecedented 7th place finish in 2018.

But behind the results, what does it take to make everything ‘tick’?

A major part of each Red Bull Air Race is the assembling of the race plane which gets dismantled and shipped to the next destination after each stop in the calendar.

1.The Wiring

Wiring to such things as the rudder and antennas have to be disconnected when dismantling, and the plane should not have power during shipping. We remove the battery and disconnect everything, so this all gets reinstalled when assembling the aircraft.

2. The Wing:

Being one of the heaviest parts of the race plane, weighing approx. 190kg, putting the wing back into place is a delicate procedure which requires a lot of man power!

3. The Tail:

This part of the assembling is in two parts; first the Stabiliser is put into place, and the wires for the cameras and antenna are connected through it. Secondly, the Rudder slots in to form the tail of the aircraft.

4. The aerodynamic package:

After the main bulk of the plane is in place, it’s time to close it up with the side panels, turtle deck and cowling. Then comes the most interesting part – deciding which set of winglets to attach depending on the nature of the race track!

5. Clean:

Once all the above is complete, it’s time to clean, clean and clean some more! It’s vital that the race plane is spick and span, especially on the leading edges to ensure it reaches its optimal performance.

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