The Blades are renowned worldwide for flying precision close-formation aerobatics to the highest level during their dynamic and cutting edge display.

The Blades are a full-time civilian aerobatic display team based in the UK. Made up entirely of former RAF Red Arrows pilots, The Blades currently hold a world record in formation looping.

In addition to flying at airshows and public events, The Blades are the only aerobatic display team in the world to operate as an airline, flying awe-inspiring air displays and providing a powerful platform for unique aerobatic flights, corporate days, flying events and experiences.

Whether providing a celebratory air display, delivering bespoke corporate events, providing a unique conference venue or hosting a stunning summer ball – The Blades are unparalleled in their capabilities.

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Tweets from The Blades

Thank you @jooles707!

Blade 1 will lead The Blades to China where the team will compete against world-class display teams: @FlyAerobatics

Former red arrows pilot announced as leader of Northamptonshire aerobatic team

@thebladesteam @JoJoJes @bfbs I. An personally highly recommend a day with the blades. It's that good we have done it twice.👍😀

Thank you for your tweet @JoJoJes We're taking bookings for passenger experience days - check out the details:…

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